Clarke, Charles.

The great island of Sumatra has 29 species of carnivorous pitcher plants (Nepenthes). They are found throughout the island, from humid peat swamps which lie below sea level, to chilly alpine meadows three kilometers higher. Some species are semi-aquatic while others live a precarious existence on volcanic ash and lava flows. Still others are epiphytes, growing in the forest canopy and remaining out of sight to all but the keenest observers.

It therefore comes as a surprise to find that many of the Sumatran Nepenthes species are known only from a small number of herbarium collections and taxonomic accounts. This book is the first detailed account of this remarkable group of plants in Sumatra. The Nepenthes species from the Malay Peninsula, separated from Sumatra by just 75 km, are either found in Sumatra or are closely related, and so therefore appropriate to include. In all, 34 species are illustrated and discussed in detail, including one new species which is described for the first time.

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Natural History Publications, Borneo, December 2001.  326 pages, hardcover, colour photos, colour and black and white illustrations, colour distribution maps, tables

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