McPherson, Stewart and Alistair Robinson.

A beautifully illustrated overview of the thirty seven species of Sumatran and Javan pitcher plants (Nepenthes). This field guide features many species that have been discovered or rediscovered recently, and the images included in this work are among the first to be published. This finely presented field guide includes a short introduction to Nepenthes, followed by an overview of the species known from Sumatra and Java. Each species is profiled over two pages with three representative images, most of which have never been published before, and a concise summary of key features written in accessible English. Concluding sections cover Nepenthes hybrids, conservation of Sumatran and Javan pitcher plants, The species documented in this work are: N. adnata, N. albomarginata, N. ampullaria, N. angasanensis, N. aristolochioides, N. beccariana, N. bongso, N. densiflora, N. diatas, N. dubia, N. eustachya, N. flava, N. gracilis, N. gymnamphora, N. inermis, N. izumiae, N. jacquelineae, N. jamban, N. junghuhnii Macfarl. (nom. nud.), N. lavicola, N. lingulata, N. longifolia, N. mikei, N. mirabilis, N. naga, N. ovata, N. rafflesiana, N. reinwardtiana, N. rhombicaulis, N. rigidifolia, N. singalana, N. spathulata, N. spectabilis, N. sumatrana, N. talangensis, N. tenuis, and N. tobaica.

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Redfern Natural History, July 2012.  92 pages,  paperback, 120 colour photographs

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