McPherson, Stewart and Alastair Robinson.

Lavishly illustrated, this guide book consists of a short introduction to Nepenthes, followed by an overview of the species known from Sulawesi (complete with full page map). Each species is then profiled over two pages with a brief, but detailed text summary written in clear, easy-to-understand English and three images many of which have never been published before. Concluding sections cover Nepenthes hybrids and conservation of Sulawesian pitcher plants.  The species documented in Field Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Sulawesi are:  N. eymae;  N. glabrata;  N. gracilis;  N. hamata; N. maxima;  N. mirabilis;  N. nigra ined.  N. pitopangii;  N. tentaculata;  N. tomoriana; N. undulatifolia ined.

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Redfern Natural History, February 2012.  48 pages, paperback, 62 colour photographs

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