Clarke, Charles

This guide to the pitcher plants (Nepenthes) of Peninsular Malaysia discusses the 10 species and several natural hybrids that occur in the region. In comparison to the neighbouring islands of Borneo and Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia is not often considered to be a centre of diversity for pitcher plants, but as A Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Peninsular Malaysia serves to illustrate, the species that occur there are as beautiful and spectacular as those from anywhere else.

A Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Peninsular Malaysia is divided into several parts, the first one introducing the reader to pitcher plants and Peninsular Malaysia in general. This is followed by a section that discusses each of the species, and several natural hybrids in greater detail.

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Natural History Publications (Borneo), December 2002.    32 pages, paperback, colour photos, 7 black and white line drawings, 1 colour distribution map, 1 colour map

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