Kuiter, Rudie H

There is so much to learn about the world of orchids and the role which insects play in the pollination of such highly evolved plants. Orchids and insects are constantly under attack by the human race – ruining their environment – clearing and burning habitats, and the overuse of insecticides. Without the wasps, bees and flies we would not exist and they should be valued like all other wild creatures for the protection of habitats, and realise the importance of their diversity. To observe the pollinators in action it is essential to have a good understanding of nature, be familiar with the insects, and be very patient. The intriguing role insects play in orchid pollination is documented in Orchid Pollinators of Victoria. With more than 1,300 superb images it will give the insects the appreciation they deserve, even if they may bite or sting.

Over 100 additional mages were added for this fourth edition.

The book comes with a small, 19-page supplement that systematically treats the insects themselves in more detail, as these details became increasingly obscured as new editions of this book became larger.

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Aquatic Photographics 2016.  334 pages, paperback, more than 1300 colour photos