Bonney, Neville

The history and other features of the area have been written about in books and other publications. Yet a colourful, rarely mentioned chapter still visible today, are the trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses that grace the slopes and valley floors of the Ranges. These plants have provided the people of the land, the Adnyamathanha, with plentiful food, medicine, craft and hardware supplies for thousands of years.

With the help of the Adnyamathanha people, the story of the plants is told in this book. Many of the stories are interwoven in the Muda (Dreaming), and today, the plants are still growing and are indeed harvested for traditional tribal use as well as sustenance. Adnyamathanha and beyond – useful plants of an ancient land fills a gap in previous works written about the Flinders Ranges.

This book is complete with botanical descriptions and illustrations of many plants, as well as photographs depicting the unique landscapes of the region. Importantly, the book also features language and cultural input by the local Adnyamathanha people.

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Australian Plants Society, November 2006.  96, Paperback, colour photographs throughout

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