South, Graham R

This book is a collection watercolours of plants Graham has seen, mainly in gardens, throughout the tropical South Pacific region.  Each painting is accompanied by scientific text which aids identification.  Included is a summary of flower names, origins and uses.

Fascinated with nature from an early age, Graham as a teenager in Norfolk, U.K. became an avid birdwatcher, and it was then that he met Richard Richardson, who was Britain’s most acclaimed British bird artist at that time. He was inspired watching Richard as he sketched birds in the field and witnessed his uncanny recall of details.  Later, drawing played an important role in his University research in botany, and the importance of good illustrations would follow him throughout his career. During a two-year stay in New Zealand in the early seventies Graham met, worked with and was mentored by the late Nancy Adams of the National Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa, when she was New Zealand’s National Botanical Artist.  Graham was inspired by Nancy’s brilliant watercolour illustrations of New Zealand’s alpine flora, and New Zealand seaweeds, in which they shared a common interest.  He began his painting career when he took up landscape painting in oils in earnest. returning to his then home in Newfoundland, Canada . He continued painting in Newfoundland, specialising in oil paintings of landscapes and of lichens.  Since 1989, living in the Pacific Islands and Australia he began painting watercolours of tropical plants; this brought together his fascination with plants and using them as challenging subjects in his work. Graham is a member if the Botanical Art Society of Australia and lives in North Queensland.

All books signed by the author/artist.

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Graham Robin South, 2019.  186 pages, paperback, oblong format, colour illustrations throughout