O`Shea, Mark

Snakes are found on every continent except Antarctica and have evolved to occupy a vast range of habitats, from mountains to oceans and deserts to rainforests. Snakes of the World explores their extraordinary diversity, with an in-depth introduction covering anatomy, behavior, habitats, reproduction, conservation, and other essential topics. This expert guide also includes profiles of some of the approximately 4,000 species of snakes, featuring examples from every family and subfamily.

Each family profile highlights the remarkable appearance, characteristics, and lifestyle of notable snake species. Covering how snakes use venom or constriction to subdue their prey, how a snake’s appearance can aid camouflage or boast of its killing capacity, and how habitat destruction is jeopardizing the future of many species, Snakes of the World is an invaluable guide to these fascinating reptiles.

– Features more than 200 stunning colour photographs
– Presents species profiles with a commentary, distribution map, and table of information
– Includes examples from every snake family and subfamily

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Princeton University Press, March 2023.  240 pages, hardcover, 282 colour photos, 7 black and white illustrations, 53 colour distribution maps