Maier, Chelsea and Chris Williams for The Australian Herpetological Society

From carpet pythons in the rafters to skinks climbing up the walls, this eye-catching, entertaining and informative book is both a guide book and a collection of images and accompanying stories of reptiles living in close proximity to humans in urban environments. It includes eye-opening photography and fascinating and sometimes hair-raising tales of the animals’ interactions with humans.

The book is split into three parts, the first comprising an ‘Urban Reptile Guide’, showcasing around 50 of the most common reptile and amphibian species that reside in town and city locations, giving species notes on these animals.  Part two focuses on ‘Encounters with Reptiles’ and is crammed with the most amazing stories from snake-catchers around Australia. The final section, ‘Us and Them’, highlights urban expansion, how humans are living with reptiles and vice versa, and different conservation projects in place to help make space for these animals.

All-in-all this book is a fascinating read and is packed with memorable tales and images. It will appeal to nature-lovers everywhere and to anyone curious as to which fascinating critters might be lurking in and around the house and garden shed!

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Reed New Holland, July 2024.  176 pages, paperback, colour photographs throughout