Edgar, Graham; Rick Stuart-Smith; Antonia Cooper in association with Reef Life Survey Foundation

As an island contInent AustralIa is uniquely privileged in possessing extensive tropical and temperate reef ecosystems, and this book is a stunning visual celebration of the wonderful and vibrant life that they support. All Australians recognise and apprecIate the environmental value of coral reefs, as represented by the Great Barrier Reef. Less appreciated, but no less important, is the network of other reefs surrounding Australia that is home to tens of thousands of species, many of whIch live nowhere else. These incredibly rich communities of plants and anImals support fishing, tourism, recreation, education, and a general sense of wellbeing for many people.

This beautiful book, published in association with the Reef Life Survey Foundation, devotes a chapter to every key reef system around Australia, with maps and graphics, hundreds of stunning photos, and vivid written accounts. Written and illustrated by experts with decades of experience makes it a must-have title for divers, conservationists and nature enthusiasts everywhere. The book is also a landmark publication, serving to highlight Australia’s unique global responsibility to safeguard marine biodiversity.

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Reed New Holland, September 2022.  256 pages, hardcover, colour photographs throughout