Hemminga, Marten A. and Carlos M. Duarte.

This title is not held in stock but we are happy to supply on special order. Please contact us. Seagrasses occur in coastal zones throughout the world, in the part of the marine habitat that is most heavily influenced by humans. Decisions about coastal management therefore often involve seagrasses, but despite a growing awareness of the importance of these plants, a full appreciation of their role in coastal ecosystems has yet to be reached. This book provides an entry point for those wishing to learn about their ecology, and gives a broad overview of the state of knowledge, including progress in research and research foci, complemented by extensive literature references to guide the reader to more detailed studies. It will be valuable to students of marine biology wishing to specialize in this area and also to established researchers wanting to enter the field. In addition, it will provide an excellent reference for those involved in the management and conservation of coastal areas that harbour seagrasses.

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Cambridge University Press, 2008.   Octavo, paperback, illustrations, tables.

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