Musgrave, Tony; Chris Gardner

Explore the world through a horticultural lens in Wild Edens: an armchair traveller’s guide to interesting plants from around the world. Discover the fascinating history and origins of a collection of unique flora, often from hard-to-reach locations in the globe’s most abundant biodiversity hotspots, such as Ixia dubia in the Western Cape and the Mediterranean’s Crocus biflorus.

Each chapter includes a map, personal reflections from the author about exploring these often-remote locations, scene-setting descriptions on topography, geography, climate and flora, key botanical locations within the hotspot, a plant compendium and a summary of how the plants impacted garden fashions/styles.

Tapping into the revival in the interest in nature, gardening and the natural world, this is a premium armchair traveller’s guide to interesting plants, flora and fauna from around the world, often from locations that are hard to visit, even without a global pandemic.

About the Authors:  Chris Gardner is a horticulturist, botanist and photographer who organises and leads specialist botanical tours worldwide. He is the author and photographer of 2 illustrated botanical field guides.  Dr Toby Musgrave FSA FLS is a plants and gardens historian, independent scholar and consultant. He is the author or co-author of 18 books.

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Kyle Books, January 2023.  256 pages, hardcover, colour photos, colour maps