Glover, Beverley

To fully understand plant development (and why flowers differ in shape, structure and colour), it is necessary to understand why it is advantageous for them to look like they do.  Conversely, in order to fully understand plant ecology, it is necessary to appreciate how floral structures have developed and evolved.  This new edition has been completely revised and updated to reflect the latest advances in the field, especially an increased understanding of the evolution of floral traits. New chapters consider the genetic basis of the floral transition in diverse species, as well as the evolutionary lability of floral form.  There is a new focus throughout on both phylogenetic position and morphological diversity across the angiosperm phylogeny. Understanding Flowers and Flowering continues to provide the first truly integrated study of the topic – one that discusses both the how and why of flowering plant reproductive biology.

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Oxford University Press, January 2014. 304 pages, paperback, 12 plates with 28 colour photos and colour illustrations; b/w photos, b/w illustrations, tables