Stanthorpe Rare Wild Flower Consortium

This identification guide provides descriptions of more than 900 wild plants found on the Stanthorpe Plateau which is an area bounded by the Queensland-New South Wales border to the east and south, Dalveen to the north and the line that marks the transition to traprock country to the west.

The arrangement of plant species is intended to facilitate identification.  Brief descriptions of species are limited to their distinguishing features.   Common exotic plants are included as a means of separating which plants are native to the area and which have been colonised or introduced.  These common exotic plants are marked in the text with an asterisk.

Those families treated first are considered to show a higher proportion of primitive characters.  Those appearing later show characters considered to be more advanced.


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Flora Rare Wildflower Consortium Inc, 2018.   551 pages, paperback, colour photographs throughout