Jackson, Stephanie

In this fun, quirky and informative book readers are introduced to 160 plants which grace Australian gardens, and learn which are right for their own patch by being introduced to their unique ‘personalities’. The chapters in the first section of the book cover a wide range of topics, including how to design a garden, creating a garden to attract wildlife, soil and plant nutrients, and the basic tenets of organic gardening. The second section of the book features about 160 species of trees, shrubs and climbing plants, including many Australian native species.

The Practical Gardener’s Guide to Tree, Shrubs and Climbers provides readers with a wealth of information to enable them to create a pleasant garden dominated by highly resilient plants which can thrive in Australia’s sometimes tough environments. The author has first-hand experience of the growth characteristics and cultivation needs of each unique but readily available species, for all are thriving in her extensive garden. She relates, with subtle humour, the life stories of each of her garden companions.

For more than 20 years Stephanie Jackson’s work as a freelance writer and photographer has revolved around her passion for plants and wildlife. Her articles and images have been published in many magazines and newspapers, and have also been used by Australian tourism authorities in their promotional material and on their websites.

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New Holland Publishers, March 2022.  256 pages, paperback, colour throughout