Hawthorne, Lin

This practical handbook contains complete instructions for growing rhododendrons, from choosing and buying, to planting outdoors and in containers, mulching, pruning, propagation and controlling pests and diseases.  With over 50 varieties described and illustrated, including ‘Bashful’, ‘Cecile’, ‘Homebush’, ‘May Day’, ‘Pink Pearl’, ‘Sappho’ and ‘Vuyk’s Rosyred’ there is a beautiful rhododendron to suit every garden situation.

It includes a fascinating history of rhododendrons, from their origins in the Himalayas through to their cultivation in European gardens, and the modern hybrids of today. From tiny, ground-hugging bushes producing small and delicate flowers to huge tree-like specimens clothed in magnificent and glorious blooms, rhododendrons belong to a diverse and fascinating genus. Offering interest from mid-winter to late summer, many of these hardy evergreen shrubs produce exquisitely textured foliage in hues of silver, gold or bronze once the flowering season is over.


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Anness Publishing, April 2015.  64 pages, paperback,  colour photographs throughout