Heap, Lydia BsC (Hons)

For years Lydia Heap  has been photographing native orchids in Nillumbik, mostly around Panton Hill, Smiths Gully and Christmas Hills. Many people have noticed her as she is always barefoot in the bush to minimise damage.

Orchids of Nillumbik showcases some of the orchids from the area. It does not attempt to be a field guide or a scientific work. There are plenty of books and internet sites that give further details. It is simply an attempt to show people the wonderful flowers that can still be found near Melbourne.

Please look after any orchids you come across (in fact every part of the bush). Be careful when observing and photographing them. Lydia always talks to her subjects and asks how they are going and if it’s okay to photograph them. This results in better photographs. No, she’s not mad, but talking to them creates a sense of empathy and enables her to capture their best features.  She  often takes people on orchid walks who say they have never seen any. It turns out that they have seen them but never noticed. Most Victorian orchids are small and cryptic, but once you tune into them, you will see more and more.

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Busybird Publishing, October 2019.  84 pages, paperback, colour photographs throughout