Williams, Cheryll

OUT OF PRINT.  The age-old knowledge enshrined in folk medicine across the world has been a remarkable resource which continues to have immense value.  This is equally true in Australia, where a fusion developed based on old European wisdom, innovative discoveries regarding the native flora, and local Aboriginal knowledge.  Ancient herbal remedies may not have had the advantages of modern chemical analysis, but the practitioners of herbal arts were very familiar with the practical deployment of plant-derived drugs.  Traditions such as these have underpinned the development of numerous modern drugs – and continue to be a resource that inspires medical discovery to this day.

1. Flowers of the Materia Medica
2. Asteraceae: Daisies of the Apothecary
3. Validating Bush Medicines
4. New Roles for Old Remedies ?
5. Earth Medicine: A Mineral Pharmacy
6. A Desire for Dirt?
7. Arid Landscapes: Medicinals and Aromatics from the Desert
8 .Ancient Drugs in a Modern World
9. Pituri: A Mysterious Narcotic
10. Tobacco Tales
11. Steroids from Yams
12. Kangaroo Apples and Blackberry Nightshades


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Rosenberg Publishing, May 2013.  552 pages, hardcover, 1000 colour photographs and illustrations.


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