Bower, Colin C; Richard W Medd

This book by Colin Bower and Richard Medd is the first comprehensive guide to the native orchids of Central Western NSW. One hundred and thirty seven species and three hybrids are described and illustrated with high quality photographs for ease of identification.

Few residents of Central Western NSW are aware of the rich native orchid diversity on their doorsteps. This book provides a guide to the species in the region; showing how to identify them, and when and where to observe them. The 40 page introduction provides a glimpse into their fascinating biology, ecology and habitats, intriguing pollination strategies and an analysis of their regional conservation status.

This book is fabulous, the best field guide I have ever looked at…… It is a marvelous addition to Australian Orchidology.” David L. Jones

“…..beautifully written and illustrated and will surely set a new benchmark for regional field guides.” Lachlan M. Copeland

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Orange Field Naturalist and Conservation Society, October 2023.  272 pages, paperback, colour photographs throughout