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World of Reptiles is a visual celebration of the diversity of the planet’s scaly inhabitants. It is a unique book in that it distils the 10,800 species of reptiles into 240 full-page images, with these photographs depicting representatives from 68 of the Earth’s 86 families.

It covers everything from the very common to the extremely rare, from the huge Saltwater Crocodile to the miniscule Pygmy Chameleon, and from the venomous King Cobra

to the highly endangered Tuatara. The completeness of the collection, and the fact that it contains many rare species, lends it strong appeal to keen reptile enthusiasts, while the remarkable nature of the images will be appreciated by anyone who has an interest in the subject – from beginner to expert – by showcasing the incredible diversity of the world’s reptiles.

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Reed New Holland, May 2019.  256 pages, hardcover, colour photos