Australian Herpetological Society

Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea showcases 125 of the best photos ever assembled of the most spectacular reptiles and frogs found in the Australasian region, which is one of the world’s herpetological hot-spots.

Twenty-five of the best photographers specialising in their subjects have each submitted five of their most awe-inspiring images, culminating in a unique and captivating publication.

Reading like a large field guide with jaw-dropping images, this publication includes details on each species’ natural history and distribution. The often rare and spectacular subjects include Horned Land Frog, Jewelled Gecko, Red-eyed Crocodile Skink, Emerald Monitor and Green Python. For each photo technical specifications are highlighted while the story behind each image takes you alongside the photographer for each shot.

The contributor accounts read like an adventurer’s diary, with tales of hardship, sacrifice, skill and plain old good luck that were needed in order to find and photograph these amazing beasts.

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Reed New Holland, July 2022.  272 pages, hardcover, colour photos, colour distribution maps