Zug, George R; Devin A Reese

Embark on a captivating journey into the remarkable world of tortoises with Tortoises of the World. This extensively researched and beautifully illustrated book provides a comprehensive exploration of the biology, natural history, and conservation of these fascinating creatures. Renowned reptile scientist George R. Zug and acclaimed science writer Devin A. Reese draw from the wealth of primary research studies to offer the first book dedicated wholly to the family of Testudinidae.

With a focus on the existing diversity of the 47 known tortoise species and their evolution from ancestral turtles, this guide explores:
– Tortoise adaptations, their unique body plan, and behavioural ecology.
– The odd anatomy and physiology that enables tortoises’ life in shells.
– Their resilience in the face of extreme temperatures and aridity.
– Their ecosystem engineering in the diverse habitats they occupy.
– The fascinating life cycle of tortoises, from their mating rituals to the arduous task of nesting and the tenuous survival of eggs and hatchlings.

Zug and Reese also shed light on the challenging interactions between tortoises and humans while highlighting ongoing conservation efforts to secure their futures. This comprehensive and approachable guide will expand your knowledge and ignite your passion for the world of tortoises.

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Johns Hopkins University Press, July 2024.  236 pages, hardcover, 8 plates with 25 colour photos; 15 black and white photos, 51 black and white illustrations