Swan, Gerry, Steve Wilson

This book is an introduction to those fascinating and misunderstood reptiles – snakes. From northern hotspots to the temperate areas of Tasmania, What Snake is That? outlines more than 100 of the known Australian species, grouped according to their ecology, or behavioural traits.  From the secretive, burrowing blind snakes (Ramphotyphlops) to the swift, keen-eyed whipsnakes (Demansia) and the lethal taipans (Oxyuranus).  Scientific and common names are used along with identification features, and key species pointers are included.  Reptile experts and authors Gerry Swan and Steve Wilson have written an invaluable resource for the enthusiastic amateur or keen naturalist who needs a quick reference guide to snakes

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New Holland Publishers, November 2008.   152 pages, paperback, colour photographs.

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