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Nerites inhabit marine, brackish, freshwater, and arboreal environments worldwide in tropical to temperate climes. Neritidae of the World is a two-volume set of books that provides an in-depth examination of the almost 300 nerite species in the family Neritidae and a somewhat less exhaustive, but still extensive, look at species in six closely related families as well as a number of fossil species. Each recent nerite species is described in depth and illustrated with one (sometimes two or three) full page color plates that show details of the shell and operculum as well as structural and color/pattern variations.

Volume one presents a comprehensive analysis of nerite natural history, including: the fossil record, shell and animal physiology, taxonomy (historically and at present), habitat and feeding, shell development, etc. Seven genera are included in volume one: ClithonClypeolumFluvineritaMieneritaNereinaNeripteron, and Nerita. Nerites are routinely misidentified by both dealers and collectors. Neritidae of the World, Volume 1 can help correct that situation. New taxa: Clithon cryptum n. sp., Clithon teres n. sp., Nereina cresswelli n. sp., Neripteron (Dostiasubviolaceum n. sp., Nerita grasi n. sp.

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ConchBooks, March 2016.   694 pages,  hardcover, 199 plates with colour photos; b/w photos, b/w illustrations, b/w distribution maps