Stanisic, John; Darryl Potter; Lorelle Stanisic

Australia’s native land snails are an often-overlooked invertebrate group that forms a significant part of terrestrial biodiversity, with an estimated 2500 species present in Australia today.

A Guide to Land Snails of Australia is an overview of Australia’s native and introduced land snail faunas, offering a greater understanding of their role in the natural environment. The book presents clear diagnostic features of live snails and their shells, and is richly illustrated with a broad range of Australia’s native snail, semi-slug and slug species. Comprehensive coverage is also included of the many exotic species introduced to Australia.

In a unique bioregional approach, the reader is taken on a trek through some of Australia’s spectacular regional landscapes, highlighting their endemic and special snail faunas. This section is supplemented with key localities where species can be found.

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CSIRO Publishing, July 2022.  184 pages, paperback, black and white photographs, Colour photographs, Illustrations