Geiger, Daniel L. and Buzz Owen.

Abalone or ormers are well-known throughout the world for their decorative shells as well as a seafood delicacy.

Abalone: Worldwide Haliotidae provides a thorough introduction to the history, systematics, classification, biology, fisheries, and cultural uses of abalone. The emphasis is on diversity, illustrating all known abalone taxa (species, subspecies and forms) on 92 full color plates. Multiple shells of even the rarest species and hybrids are shown, along with many images of live animals. One species and two subspecies new to science are described.

Abalone: Worldwide Haliotidae is the culmination of decades of research by two of the foremost abalone experts of the world. Dr Daniel L. Geiger, curator at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, wrote his award-winning dissertation on abalone and has continued to pay close attention to the family. Buzz Owen of Gualala, Califomia, is a former abalone diver and abalone aquaculturist with decades of first hand experience of abalone, and has written extensively on various aspects of abalone biology and systematics. Their combined expertise in this collaboration is invaluable.

This reference manual serves as a resource for various readers including shell collectors, museum professionals, naturalists, abalone fishermen, as well as natural resource managers and law enforcement personnel.

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ConchBooks, 2012.  Quarto, laminated boards, colour and black and white photographs, line drawings, maps.

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