Driessen, Michael; Günther Theischinger

This field guide is dedicated solely to Tasmanian species of dragonflies and damselflies and includes information on their conservation and scientific significance. It also includes the most recent consensus of dragonfly and damselfly taxonomy. The beautiful images, detailed descriptions, identification keys and distribution maps will help the reader identify the dragonflies and damselflies in Tasmania. By taking an interest in this group of animals and reporting identifications we can help build our understanding of their distribution and ecology and help better conserve and manage Tasmania’s unique fauna.

This book caters for the beginner providing clear images of each species (both male and female) and for more experienced people who will find the illustrated keys to adults and larvae valuable. The book has a comprehensive illustrated glossary that explains all terms used in the book that may not be familiar to all readers, something that is often lacking in other guides.

About the Authors:

Michael Driessen is a zoologist with over 30 years of experience researching a variety of animal species and their threats and raising awareness about Tasmania’s special fauna. While undertaking his PhD on the resilience of moorland invertebrates to fire, he became fascinated with dragonflies. Michael works for the Tasmanian Government and is an adjunct Senior Researcher at the University of Tasmania.

Günther Theischinger has had a life-long interest in aquatic insects and is the foremost authority on Australian dragonflies and damselflies. He has published more than 300 scientific papers, and over the years has described more than 60 new species and several new genera of Australian dragonflies. He has been a visiting scientist at the Australian National Insect Collection in Canberra and is a Research Associate of the Australian Museum and a Visiting Fellow at the Smithsonian Institution, USA.

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Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club Inc. November 2023.  132 pages, paperback, 74 colour photographs, black and white illustrations