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A beautiful book with detailed notes and photographs of the wide range of butterflies found across the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Local specimens are shown were possible, to ensure that local variations or subspecies are depited. . Most images have been taken in the wild in typical poses to improve ease of identification, as this is how they are most likely to be encountered. Where species are obviously sexually dimorphic (females and males look different), or their upperside differs significantly from their underside, this is illustrated with photos.

Maps are restricted to the ACT. Only butterfly species detected within those boundaries are included. However, this guide can be used for identifying species inhabiting adjacent areas, such as the South West Slopes of New South Wales. For species deemed to be residents of the ACT, their preferred habitat is predicted.  For all species, except those deemed to be widespread and common, the maps show recorded locations.

Species profiles furthermore provide common and scientific names, plus alternative common names; an graphical indication of wingspan; a physical description of what can be reasonably observed in the field; information about flight and behaviour; similar species; status and distribution; notes with extra information and points of interest; ACT records; preferred habitat; preferred larval food plants; and life cycle. A table show sthe life stage of the species for each month of the year in the ACT This is a general guide only and the duration of each stage may differ slightly from year to year.

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National Parks Association of the ACT, December 2016.  229 pages, paperback, colour photos, colour illustrations, colour distribution maps