Cocking, Glenn; Suzi Bond, Ted Edwards

This book covers the moths in the ACT, both Canberra suburbs and the bush.  It shows how to observe the moth world.  A book cannot hope to individually cover the more than 2,000 species of moths so far recorded n the ACT and it covers approximately 700 species .  This book broadly covers the families that have a significant presence and includes species that are most often obvserved with particular attention to some species with interesting life histories or with other special attributes.  Many people dismiss moths as drab and boring creatures that hide in the dark of night, but this discusses not not just the incredible beauty and variety of ACT moths, but also their wonderful life stories.    Sometimes a moth requires close inspection to appreciate its beauty, such as the tiny but colourful Gracillariidae that can only be properly seen when viewed under magnification.

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Glenn Cocking, March 2022.  280 pages, paperback,  1500 colour photographs