White, Damian; Narelle Power; Chris Burwell

OUT OF PRINT.  REPRINT UNDER CONSIDERATION.  This book highlights the 85 confirmed species and 21 species recorded within 100 km of the Gold Coast and potentially present.  It brings together the authors’ observations gathered since the late 1980’s in addition to existing records.  Included in the description for the 85 confirmed species is information on size, a short description of the male and female, some key identification features generally included in binomial keys used to identify the species, preferred habitat (including whether they are likely to be encountered in the lowlands, foothills or hinterland of the city), behavioural characteristics, Australian distribution, remarks and information specific to the CoGC and SEQ, a selection of records (not exhaustive) from within the CoGC and any similar local species also known to be occur within the city.  For the additional 21 species present in the local vicinity there is information on size a short description, preferred habitat and remarks and information specific to SEQ and northern NSW. Also included is a glossary of more common place and technical terms used in the descriptions and a list of selected references.

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Ddwfauna Publishing, November 2020.   108 pages, paperback, colour throughout