Doube, Bernard, Tim Marshall

International dung beetle scientist Dr Bernard Doube and organic agriculture expert Tim Marshall have teamed up to produce this publication on dung beetles and soil health. Dung Down Under: Dung Beetles for Australia is the definitive resource for farmers and land managers on the benefits and use of dung beetles.

This highly illustrated book explains the agricultural, economic and environmental benefits of dung beetles. There are sections on improving pasture production and soil structure, soil carbon, parasite control and water quality.  The use and dangers of agricultural and veterinary chemicals are examined, and detailed descriptions and guidelines given on the establishment and management of dung beetle populations.  Promising new species for Australia are reviewed.

The publication also features specific regional information, making it locally relevant.

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Dung Beetle Solutions Australia, March 2014.  116 pages, paperback, colour photos, colour illustrations, colour tables