Cole, Brandon and Scott, Michael.

The lure of the life that inhabits the ocean’s reefs and open waters is no secret to scuba enthusiasts and snorkelers who enjoy gazing upon this wonderful world through their dive masks. This practical and comprehensive guidebook for divers, naturalists and ocean lovers identifies the most commonly encountered animals and other organisms in the tropical marine environment and identifies them in more than 1,000 beautiful color photographs to provide a window into this magnificent world.

This updated edition features new photos, 33 new species profiles and an extended chapter about the state of the ocean and reefs on our rapidly changing planet. Reef Life is a handy, portable and comprehensive reference in a time when understanding and appreciating the diversity of our tropical oceans is at a critical point.

A gallery of over 425 ray-finned fish species, as well as elasmobranchs (sharks, rays and skates), invertebrates, marine reptiles and marine mammals, offers readers an extensive identification guide to the most commonly seen marine species, with detailed descriptions of size, habitat, range and behavior.

Reef Life also includes:
– A guide to tropical marine ecosystems
– Surveys of global coral reef communities, from the Caribbean to the Red Sea
– A discussion about factors threatening marine ecosystems today.

This is an essential selection for marine science and travel/tourism collections, scuba divers and snorkelers, and retailers and libraries in oceanside locations.

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Firefly Books,  October 2020.   656 pages, flexibound, 1000+ colour photos, colour maps

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