Bayley, Darren

This book is for people interested in managing weeds in the landscape, either for the protection of our natural resources and biodiversity, or for the protection of agricultural production and productivity. A practical guide to help you design successful weed management programs.  We must recognise that weeds are great opportunists, survivors and exploiters.  They are the nasty and uninvited guests that damage your land and cost you money!

This book will help you develop knowledge and skills in:

  • identifying the problems weeds can cause
  • identifying weeds
  • recognising what makes some plants weeds
  • the principles of week management programmes
  • establishing the costs and benefits of controlling weeds
  • weed prevention methods
  • non-chemical and chemical weed control
  • designing and implementing weed management plans.

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NSW Department of Primary Industries, 2013.  105 pages, paperback, A4 full colour,  Ag Guide series.