Green Interior

The complete beginner’s guide to selecting and maintaining the right plants for all of your spaces! Plants are like people – they feel at home in certain spaces and not in others. House Plants for Every Space explains how to select the right plants for your home or office depending on the available light, the design you want, the size of the space, and the amount of time you have to maintain your greenery.

Authors Etsuhiro Mashita and Momoko Sato, collectively known as Green Interior, provide you with dozens of options for various types of spaces, then show you how to match your containers to the plants, how to arrange and display them to maximise their beauty, and how to keep the plants healthy so you won’t lose them!
This complete all-in-one guide provides green solutions for every space imaginable, for example:

  • Low-light spaces far from windows, where ferns are the perfect solution
  • Large rooms where the plants can dominate, with generous groupings of succulents, air plants and Monstera
  • Spaces where a single large plant or tree like a Schefflera or palm variety can form the centrepiece
  • Rooms where only very large or very small plants work well – with nothing in-between
  • Plus many more options!

A comprehensive photographic guide to the most popular house plants, including exotics, is included. Small trees, hanging plants, succulents, air plants – over 130 different plants are covered. Green Interior gives you all the basic information you need about tools, soils, pest control, replanting, pruning and more!
This is the book you need to get to green your spaces effortlessly!

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Tuttle Publishing, June 2023.  96 pages, hardcover, colour photographs and illustrations throughout.