Alice, Lily, Thomas O`Quinn

Australia’s unique native ingredients boast nutritional and medicinal benefits that cannot be found anywhere else. From the Kakadu plum with its unmatched vitamin C content, to Bunya nuts that contain natural antibacterial properties, knowledge of these superfoods has been passed down in Aboriginal cultures for thousands of years.

This cookbook features Australia’s most interesting and beneficial bush superfoods, with beautiful illustrations and information on where they grow, traditional Indigenous uses, nutritional benefits, and advice on how to use them in your home kitchen. You can then follow an easy plant-based recipe, such as Sweet Potato Toast with Finger Lime Guacamole, or Spiced Apple and Riberry Chia Pudding, to enjoy the health benefits yourself!

No matter whether you live in the city or the outback, you too can discover the foods that nourished the first peoples of this land.

About the Authors

Melbourne-born Lily grew up in Alice Springs, the heart of Australia, where she spent her childhood catching bugs for show-and-tell and avoiding brushing her hair at all costs. Lily went on bush tucker trips with her dad, Toly, and the Anmatyerr ladies from the Utopia community north-east of Alice Springs. They would set out in an earth-smelling, red-dusted troopy and return home with bundles of bush potato (anatye), witchetty grubs (tyarpe) and bush tomato (akayterre). In 2005, Lily moved back to Melbourne to finish school, before completing an Advanced Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design at Grenadi School of Design. Lily created the botanical illustrations throughout the book.

Thomas was born and educated in Melbourne. It was through a scholastic journey of trial and error, including a brief stint as a landscape gardener, that Thomas found his way to Grenadi School of Design. He spent four years juggling study, full-time work, and writing and performing as a singer-songwriter, graduating with a Diploma of Graphic Design in 2016.

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Hardie Grant Explore, October 2017.  192 pages, paperback, colour photographs throughout