Sickert, Susan

Susan Sickert seeks answers to her questions about this fascinating Australian town.  She steps off the verandah, away from the Pearlers’ world of privilege, privacy and power behind the lattice.  She looks instead for the heart of Broome in the lives of the thousands of Asian, Aboriginal and mixed-race men and women.  In recent years, Broome, Western Australia, has become an exotic destination for travellers from all over the world.   But behind the romanticism of the tourist trade there is a history steeped in tragedy and violence. In Beyond the Lattice, Susan Sickert weaves together a compelling and original portrayal of the unique mix of people, landscape and events that not only gives an insight into the rich tapestry of the town’s early days, but also provides a real understanding of modern Broome.  Beautifully presented with over 80 accompanying images, this book is essential for anyone who has experienced the magic of Broome and for all those who are still dreaming of making the trip.

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Backroom Press, 2017, Second Edition.  215 pages, paperback, ~80 illustrations and photographs.