Wohlleben, Peter (Author); Jane Billinghurst (Translated by)

A beautifully illustrated collection of insights from the international bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees. A perfect book for anyone who wants to forever remember the wisdom of the forest.

This  compendium distills the essence of the bestseller, The Hidden Life of Trees, and is the perfect pocket-sized gift for holding forester Peter Wohlleben’s words dear.  Discover the operations of the forest ecosystem where themes of communication, resilience, beauty, age, family, society and survival tie into our human world. With rich yet easy-to-understand language and evocative artwork from world-renowned master painters, this treasure of a book highlights the fascinating interconnectedness of our world and celebrates trees in all their glory.

About the Author: Peter Wohlleben is a world-renowned forester and author of many bestselling books about the natural world. He lives in Eiffel, Germany, where he runs a sustainable forest academy.

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Greystone Books, March 2024.  146 pages, hardcover, colour illustrations