Mikolajski, Andrew

This is an illustrated guide to varieties, cultivation and care, with step-by-step instructions and over 170 inspirational photographs. It contains everything you need to know about choosing, growing and pruning small ornamental trees, with planting ideas for using them in mixed borders, in woodland, as specimen plants and in containers. It includes a full photographic directory of more than 60 trees, such as Japanese maple, willow, cherry, crab apple, dogwood, hornbeam, magnolia, citrus, bay and holly.  For each tree, full botanical information is given on its origin, height, spread, appearance and season of interest. Small trees are the architectural backbone of a garden, blessed with striking foliage, beautiful flowers and strong structural form. Whether you want the delicate beauty of spring blossom or a splash of bright autumn hue, there is a wide range of small ornamental trees to choose from. With practical advice on buying, planting, maintenance, pruning and propagation, this guide shows you how to introduce this versatile group of plants into your garden.

An illustrated directory covers all the best trees to try, including those with pretty berries, interesting stems and bark, or those that attract wildlife. The book shows that a tree will lend style to any garden, no matter how small.

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Anness Publishing, October 2014.  64 pages, paperback, more than 170 photographs