Dixon, Kingsley et al, editors.

This book, a product of the First International Orchid Conservation Conference held in Perth, Australia in September 2001 under the auspices of IUCN’s Species Survival Commission s Orchid Specialist Group and King’s Park Botanic Garden, Perth, highlights the current plight of orchids and provides details of the techniques that can now be applied to their successful conservation. Both off-site, on-site and integrated approaches are considered in detail. With the wider application of modern techniques, including new molecular approaches we stand a real chance of reversing the current trend where the populations of many orchids, both temperate and tropical are declining rapidly. The problems are especially severe in the tropics where the numbers of researchers and conservationists are small and the conservation issues often acute.

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Natural History Publications, December 2003.   418 pages, hardcover, colour photos, black and white illustrations, tables

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