Edens-Meier, Retha and Peter Bernhardt, editors.

For many botanists, Darwin’s true legacy starts with the 1862 publication of On the Various Contrivances by Which British and Foreign Orchids Are Fertilised by Insects and on the Good Effects of lntercrossing, or Fertilisation of Orchids. This slim but detailed book with the improbably long title was the first in a series of plant studies by Darwin that continues to serve as a global exemplar in the field of evolutionary botany. In this book, an international group of orchid biologists unites to celebrate and explore this legacy. Darwin’s Orchids investigates flowers from Darwin’s home in England, through the southern hemisphere, and on to North America and China as it seeks to address a set of questions first put forward by Darwin himself such as what pollinates this particular type of orchid and how this orchid’s lineage changed over time.
Diverse in their colors, forms, aromas, and pollination schemes, orchids have long been considered ideal models for the study of plant evolution and conservation. Looking to the past, present, and future of botany, Darwin’s Orchids will be a vital addition to this tradition.

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University of Chicago Press, November 2014.  384 pages,  Octavo, hard cover, dustwrapper, colour and black and white photographs, illustrations.

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