Jones, Gwyn

Throughout Australia, weeds are spreading faster than they can be controlled and Australia is only second to America in cases of herbicide resistant Weeds.  In this book you will discover how new Judo Weed Management gives quick results and why you’re wasting money on herbicides.  It also covers how to fast track your ecological weed control thus saving time; secrets of learning to turn your weeds off ; gaining the skills to use weeds as environmental indicators; how nature uses weeds to repair soil health and why regenerative agriculture manages weeds differently.

In the words of Charles Massy, author of Call of the Reed-WarblerThis important book and its pertinent insights thus provides a significant tool for all farmers and landscape managers to both challenge our learnt paradigms and to better ‘read’ anew our degrading or regenerative landscapes.    It thus provides a key pathway to regenerative paradigm practice change via new understandings and perceptions.


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Global Publishing Group, April 2024.  147 pages, paperback.