Harden, Gwen, Bill McDonald and John Williams.

The book provides a concise illustrated guide to the identification of rainforest climbing plants of subtropical eastern mainland Australia south of the Tropic of Capricorn at Rockhampton, thence down through Southern Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Rainforest Climbing Plants is an excellent identification guide based upon the distinctive features of the leaves, stems and branchlets.  Leaf characters have the advantage that they are available for study during any season (except for a small number of deciduous species) and in most rainforest species are sufficiently distinctive to permit identification and subsequent recognition of the species.  As well as the obvious points of leaf size, shape and arrangement, there are several finer characteristics such as the presence of oil dots (oil glands), hairs, scales, scaly buds, stipules, latex etc which must be checked. Information about these features is provided in several sections of the book.

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Gwen Harden Publishing, November 2007.   196 pages, paperback, 1330 black and white line drawings

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