Bonney, Neville

This amazing book is a comprehensive guide to Australian native plants and their seeds.  It cover more than 700 species from 63 families.  240 genera are described with their identifying festures of flowers, fruits and seeds illustrated.  Each species description is accompanied by a distribution map and information about pollinators, ecology and Aboriginal names and uses.   From One Small Seed is the ideal companion for anyone involved in the restoration of ecosystems and landscapes as well as for plant enthusiasts and others travelling Australia.

Neville Bonney has spent a lifetime promoting Australian native plants and educating people about the importance and conservation value of what he describes as our National Estate.  His interest began in the mid 1960’s when he started to go bush and collect seeds for seed merchants from Western Australia and New South Wales.

This book takes us on an elaborate and complex journey deep into the world of seeds.  This book describes the complex relationships seeds have with flowers, fire, pollinators, weather, soil and so much more.  It is a must for those interested in the natural world and preserving Australian landscapes.


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Neville Bonney, August 2022.  651 pages, hardcover, colour photographs throughout, distribution maps.  Weight is 2.7 kg!