Kapitany, Attila; Jen Silcock

In Australia, there are at least 2,900 species of succulent plants and more than 100 of these are spiny.  They are regularly found on roadsides of the drier interior.  These plants are an integral part of Australian ecosystems and getting to know them provides a window into the ecology and natural history of Australia’s vast drylands.  About 70% of Australia is regarded as arid or semi-arid with low fertility soils and sparse vegetation which contrasts sharply with the more fertile surrounding landscape.  It is in these semi-arid regions where the greatest succulent plant diversity can be found.  Succulent plants have adapted to survive dry periods by having water storage tissue in their leaves, stems, trunks or roots.  The authors hope this book will inspire students and researchers to carry out more detailed studies of this fascinating and poorly understood group of plants

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Kapitany Concepts, October 2023.  104 pages, paperback A4 book, colour photographs throughout