Rich, Jeff

The majestic Bald Eagle was adopted in 1792 as America’s official bird. It has historically been a symbol of freedom and patriotism in the United States of America, and for good reason. The bird is associated with authority and has a fierce beauty that speaks to those who look upon it. Today, the Bald Eagle is a protected species. Once on the brink of extinction, it is currently enjoying a comeback. In this book, wildlife and bird photography specialist Jeffrey Rich showcases over 150 of his storytelling photographs of Bald Eagles and shares insights into the birds’ habitat, feeding habits, mating patterns, the care of their young, and more. Readers will marvel over images of birds in flight, in nests with their young, at rest, preening, and capturing prey, as Rich chronicles the daily lives, in detail, of America’s favourite bird.

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Amherst Media, May 2018.  128 pages, paperback.  200 colour and black and white photographs.


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Dimensions 25.4 × 17.8 cm