Backhouse, Frances

An in-depth yet lively study of these fascinating birds on the North American continent. Topics include anatomy and adaptations, mating behaviours, egg laying and chick rearing, feeding habits, communication displays and location. Superbly designed birds of prey, owls are equipped with highly effective tools for killing and dismembering their prey: strong feet with curved, stiletto-like talons and a sturdy hooked bill with razor-sharp cutting edges. What makes owls unique is that most of them hunt in darkness from dusk to dawn using their keen hearing, enhanced low-light vision and sound-muffling structures on their flight feathers. With detailed profiles of and range maps for all 23 species, along with 70 colour photographs illustrating key behavioural characteristics, Owls of North America is a solid reference for bird watchers, naturalists and general readers.

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Firefly Books, 2013. Quarto, paperback, 216 pages, colour photographs, maps.