Anstis, Marion.

An invaluable tool for scientists and amateur naturalists.  Using meticulous scientific keys, this book teases out the differences between tadpole species and enables both scientists and amateur naturalists to identify what species of frog tadpole will become.   This book will serve as an invaluable tool for monitoring frog populations and thus contribute towards out understanding of just what is causing the present alarming worldwide trend towards massive frog declines.

The first part of the book deals with frog classification, collecting and raising tadpoles, the prevailing laws in each State and the issues surrounding the decline and conservation of these amphibians. Part two is concerned with the scientific method of identifying tadpoles by means of keys. There is even a key to frogs’ eggs. The third and major part of the book features all 84 species of tadpoles – and frogs – living in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and just over the border to Queensland. This book has been co-sponsored by the World Wide Fund for Nature.

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New Holland Publishers, 2007.  281  pages, paperback, 268+ colour photographs, 300+ black and white line drawings

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