Zug, George R.

The Pacific is home to an extraordinary and diverse number of oceanic islands, from Palau and the Marianas east of the Philippines to Cocos Island and the Galapagos west of the Americas. The isolation of these lands and extreme distances between them long prevented scientists from studying their flora and fauna in a comparative context. Here, George R. Zug offers the first such systematic overview in more than half a century. Aids in the identification of each species along with details of their form and coloration, habitat and distribution, reproductive biology and natural history. Colour plates of more than 75 percent of the species also help to facilitate visual identification. This accessible and informative guide is the most comprehensive field reference available and will appeal to both novice sightseers and professional naturalists.

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University of California Press, June 2013.  320 pages, paperback, colour illustrations, line drawings, maps.


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