O`Shea, Mark

As survivors from the time of the dinosaurs, lizards are scaly, cold- blooded, living fossils, relics from a prehistoric world that remain alive and well in ours. Lizards exert a morbid fascination, in many mythologies they are dark creatures, symbolizing death and misfortune. Lizards of the World brings these creatures firmly into the light, to reveal their extraordinary diversity. Found in almost every type of terrain globally, there are almost 6,000 species of lizard, including lizards with frills, horns, or wings, those that drop their tails, and others that squirt blood from their eyes. Here, 100+ lizard families and subfamilies are illustrated with stunning photography. Each profile includes a population distribution map, a table of essential information, and a fascinating commentary revealing notable characteristics and related species.

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The Ivy Press,  April 2021.    240 pages, hardcover,  colour photographs, black and white illustrations, colour distribution maps