Foley, Charles et al.

Home to the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania offers some of the finest big game watching in the world, from elephants and rhinos to chimpanzees and lions. This field guide covers all the larger mammals of Tanzania, including marine mammals and some newly discovered species. Detailed accounts are provided for more than 135 species, along with colour photographs, colour illustrations of marine mammals, and distribution maps. Accounts for land species give information on identification, subspecies, similar species, ecology, behaviour, distribution, conservation status, and where best to see each species. The guide also features plates with side-by-side photographic comparisons of species that are easily confused, as well as first-time-ever species checklists for every national park. The definitive, most up-to-date field guide to the larger mammals of Tanzania, including marine mammals. It features detailed species accounts and numerous colour photographs throughout. It provides tips on where to see each species. It includes species checklists for every national park.

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Princeton University Press, June 2014.  320 pages, paperback, waterproof PVC cover, 300 colour photos and colour illustrations, 140 colour distribution maps


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